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Adriana: “I wish all kids felt like I do about my school choice”

Adriana Lopez is bright, curious, direct and engaged; so says Dr. Sean Egan, principal of Hammond Academy of Science and Technology — the public charter school at which Adriana is an eighth grader student. Dr. Egan recalls an Adriana’s exceptional performance in building a Rube Goldberg Machine for one of her classes. Students were assigned to include 10 energy transfers. Adriana’s had 46.

The Institute for Quality Education (IQE) team visited HAST recently for an assembly honoring Adriana for her award-winning #MySchoolChoiceStory video.

The celebration drew the attention of the local media, resulting in a wonderful feature article in the Times of Northwest Indiana which shone the spotlight, not only on Adriana, but on the innovative charter school 550 lucky northwest Indiana students are lucky enough to attend.

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Adriana: “I wake up and I can’t wait to go to my charter school.”

Adriana Lopez, an eighth grader at the Hammond Academy of Science and Technology (HAST), wishes all students felt the way she does about her school choice. HAST; a public charter school in Hammond, Indiana, serves 550 students in grades 6-12 with a hands-on, STEM-heavy curriculum that is preparing its students for high-demand careers in fields including engineering.

Adriana was recently honored by the Institute for Quality Education for her #MySchoolChoiceStory video, at an assembly held at HAST.

To read the The Times of Northwest Indiana coverage of the event, click here >>


“All our kids are unique…”

By Courtney Williams, parent

My son attends a traditional public school and my daughter attends a public charter school. All our kids are unique in their own special ways. It is worth looking into other schools to see what best meets each kids’ needs.
My son’s school accepted him and said, “Your education is important. We are going to do whatever it takes to keep you in school.” They mentor kids to keep them on track.

My daughter had never attended this type of charter school. I chose it because they have a lot of different opportunities like drama, track, and basketball. My daughter loves the fact that there is a lot of diversity. I like it because of the diversity and the fact that they accept all children, no matter what level they are on as far as learning goes.

“School Choice has been a blessing to us.”

By Samantha Crook

I’m an adoptive mom of three and I was blessed to get to stay home with my children. Once they started heading to school, the anxiety hit hard. I realized they would be spending the best part of their days somewhere other than my home with someone other than me…and that was tough for me to process.

I needed to know they would be in a place where they would not only get a high quality education, but also be genuinely loved. The school we were able to choose meets both those criteria, they put a huge focus on faith, character development, and the values that are important to our family. There’s also a large community of adoptive families there and I treasure the fact that our kids will get to have that commonality with their peers throughout their educational experience. And I know they are in safe hands if they ever need to work through trials unique to them.

I have only been impressed with every single member of the school staff…each student is an individual and I love the attention they receive in their small class sizes. I get to drop my kids off at school and drive away with peace and joy each morning…a gift I thought was unattainable just a few short years ago. School Choice has been a blessing to us and I am so thankful we had the freedom to choose and find a school that fits the needs of our family.

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