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“School Choice has been a blessing to us.”

By Samantha Crook

I’m an adoptive mom of three and I was blessed to get to stay home with my children. Once they started heading to school, the anxiety hit hard. I realized they would be spending the best part of their days somewhere other than my home with someone other than me…and that was tough for me to process.

I needed to know they would be in a place where they would not only get a high quality education, but also be genuinely loved. The school we were able to choose meets both those criteria, they put a huge focus on faith, character development, and the values that are important to our family. There’s also a large community of adoptive families there and I treasure the fact that our kids will get to have that commonality with their peers throughout their educational experience. And I know they are in safe hands if they ever need to work through trials unique to them.

I have only been impressed with every single member of the school staff…each student is an individual and I love the attention they receive in their small class sizes. I get to drop my kids off at school and drive away with peace and joy each morning…a gift I thought was unattainable just a few short years ago. School Choice has been a blessing to us and I am so thankful we had the freedom to choose and find a school that fits the needs of our family.

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